In these technologically advanced times, athletes, doctors, educational advisors and child behavioral specialists seem to agree that exercise and physical participation in some activity offers major positive benefits. To quote the UK’s Youth Sport Trust, “physical education can be used to raise the self esteem of young people, have a positive impact on their behavior and give them confidence.”


The challenge for parents is how to wrestle the computer game or digital device from their child or children to reap such rewards leading to a healthier, more active lifestyle? What can a parent do to provide constructive outlets for the pent-up energy children naturally have? How can they direct their child to exercise, interact and socialize instead of being overly aggressive or acting out at home or at school?


Events where “inflatables” offer this release are the perfect answer to this real life challenge. Events and parties incorporating inflatable activities continue to grow in popularity. Children love to bounce, slide and tumble about as only children can do. This type of party entertainment is amusing like no other! These “bigger-than-life” toys provide non-stop fun to children and the adults watching.

Consider the growing numbers of corporate businesses who, in the interest of creating a more family-oriented culture, are shifting to include their employees’ families in their events and festivities. Including Time 4 Fun’s inflatable activities is one sure way to include children in a work-place setting. The children requiring minimal supervision, can freely engage in safe focused play allowing the parents to associate.


Time 4 Fun inflatable activities are available in different entertaining themes and configurations and are age-specific. They can be categorized as basic, combos, obstacle, slides and interactive/sport. These colorful, air-filled toys are absolutely ideal for your event. Children are intuitively attracted to these big colorful soft structures and shapes. Their eyes just light up! They cannot resist!


Let us offer some affordable family entertainment for your next party. Contact us today to arrange an estimate or a set up at: (314) 995-8625  Our "complimentary" Event Rental Information brochure may be downloaded here.

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St. Louis Kids Expo is a showcase of resources for the well-being of our children, families and community.

St. Louis Kids Expo is a showcase of resources for the well-being of our children, families and community.